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Enjoy the highest profit for your available amount in Nagad account


“Profit” Details


Customer will receive the highest profit for the available amount in his/her Nagad account

Customers will get profit on the amount of money deposited in their Nagad account according to the table below, effective from 1st July 2021:

Balance/Slab (in BDT) Profit Rate (p.a.)
0 – 999.99                 0%
1,000 – 5,000                1.5%
5,000.01 – 15,000               2.0%
15,000.01 – 150,000               3.0%
150,000.01 and above*               7.5%

*Up to prevailing maximum statutory balance, which is currently BDT 300,000.

Terms and Conditions for getting profit:

  • Customer Account status must be “Full profile” to be eligible to get the profit. Any other kind of Accounts, including Islamic, Disbursement etc. shall not be eligible for getting this profit.
  • To receive profit, Customer must keep Profit option “ON”
  • While disbursing the profit, if Customer’s Profit option remains “Off”, s/he will not receive profit
  • Customer must do a minimum of 2 (two) financial transactions (Cash In, Cash Out,  any kind of Payment, or Mobile Recharge) in a calendar month.
  • Customer need to maintain a minimum day end balance of BDT 1,000 throughout a calendar month. If at any point the balance falls below BDT 1,000 the customer shall not be eligible for profit for that calendar month.
  • Customer will earn profit on their wallet balance based on the slab of minimum day end balance of the month.


For example, if a customer has an average balance of BDT 20,000 in a month, but the balance falls down to BDT 5,000 in a day of that month, then the profit rate applied on the average balance shall be 1.5%. Please refer to the slab/rate table above.


  • The profit amount will be credited to the Customer’s Nagad wallet after necessary government TAX/VAT deduction
  • The cumulative amount of the earned profit will be disbursed Quarterly (4 times a year)
  • The profit rate shown in the above table shall be applicable until further notice, effective from 1st July 2021.


Procedure for profit “On” & “Off”

If the Customer do not wish to earn profit in their Nagad Account, he/she need to follow any of the steps mentioned below:

  1. Using Nagad Application (App)
  • Open Nagad Application (App)
  • Go to ‘’My Nagad’
  • Go to ‘’I want profit’’
  • Select ‘’No’’ to stop earning profit
  1. Nagad USSD
  • Dial *167#
  • Press 7 for ‘’My Nagad’’
  • Press 5 for ‘’Update profit status’’
  • Select ‘’Yes” or “No’’
  1. Dial Nagad Call Centre at 16167