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Reset your Nagad PIN all by yourself

Now PIN reset is no trouble at all. No need to worry if you have forgotten your Nagad Account’s PIN. Just dial *167# and reset the PIN manually. Follow the simple steps below to reset your PIN.

Self PIN Reset Method:

  1. Dial *167#
  2. To reset the PIN, select ‘8’ (select ‘2’ if it is a restricted account) and then select ‘1’.
  3. Enter the exact NID number that was provided while opening your Nagad Account
  4. Enter the exact Year of Birth that was provided while opening your Nagad Account
  5. Select ‘YES’ if you have made transactions through your Nagad Account within 90 days, otherwise select ‘NO’
  6. If you have made transactions, select the type of transaction you have made (from the last 10 transactions) and enter the amount
  7. If the information is correct, you will get an SMS at your Nagad Account’s mobile number
  8. Then reset the PIN by dialing *167#


Terms and Conditions for resetting PIN:

  1. You will be able to reset your PIN through USSD on your own if you forget or lose your PIN.
  2. To reset a new pin, you need to provide all accurate and correct information as per valid identification via registered SIM using USSD.
  3. You will be allowed to have a maximum of 5 consecutive failed attempts during a self-service PIN reset.
  4. After 5 consecutive failed attempts, your self-service PIN reset option will be locked for 4 hours, and during this lock-out period, only customer care agents will be able to reset your PIN (Send Authentication code via USSD).
  5. For transaction verification purposes, the transaction history of the previous 90 days will be considered for verification purposes.
  6. The link to “Forgot PIN” instructions will be available in the Nagad App.
  7. In order to enjoy this feature, you must have an active Nagad Account.
  8. Nagad reserves the right to change/modify these terms & conditions or cancel this feature at any time without giving any prior notice.
  9. Any decision taken by Nagad with respect to this feature, shall be in the sole discretion of Nagad and shall be deemed final
  10. Nagad announces that:
    • Nagad or its authorized representative shall not, at any point, request you to disclose your OTP or PIN of your Nagad Account,
    • It shall not ask you to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and
    • It shall contact you using only 16167 or 096 096 16167. For any confusion or conflict with regards to this feature, you must dismiss any other call and immediately call back to 16167 or 096 096 16167 to ascertain the authenticity of the call or for required information.
    • Nagad shall not be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party.
    • In the event of any dispute, you shall first contact Nagad through Nagad hotline numbers: 16167 or 096 096 16167.
    • In the event of a conflict between the English version and the Bangla version of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.