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What is Corona Virus?

Corona virus is a group of virus that attacks the immunity of a human being causing diseases ranging from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS. In late December 2019, a new stain of coronavirus originated in China, which was unknown to humans before. It came to be known as the novel Coronavirus disease or COVID19. Ever since the disease has spread across the globe affecting over 2.97 million people (as on 27th April 2020).

For the treatment of COVID19 disease and , Nagad has introduced Corona Virus Insurance (“COVID19 Insurance”) for the wellbeing of its employees and associated stakeholders.

01. Type of Insurance:

Covid-19 Insurance.

02. Definition of eligible persons under the policy

03. Coverage under COVID19 Insurance

Nagad shall provide 25% of the medical expenses incurred in a government hospital for the treatment of COVID19 disease or up to 5 lac taka whichever is lower as per the terms & conditions mentioned below.

04. Event on happening of which sum insured is payable

If any eligible person affected by COVID-19 and provides a positive report issued by a governmental hospital as per the terms & conditions mentioned below.

05. Termination of Risk

No benefits will be payable in respect of any eligible person if Death or Disability/hospitalization occurs after retirement Age or if he/she resigns or if his/her services are terminated at any time before retirement whichever is earlier.

06. Age Limits : Employee/Nagad Uddokta/DSO/Distributor

Minimum Age at Entry: 18 Years

Maximum age at Entry: Below 60 Years

Retirement Age: 60 Years

07. COVID19 Insurance Coverage  

Covid-19 Insurance shall be applicable for the treatment of COVID19 disease at any governmental hospital for an eligible person.

08. Exclusion

COVID19 Insurance shall not be applicable for home quarantine expenses, non-recognized quarantine centre, pre-existing diseases, pre-natal & post-natal expenses, hospitalization without doctor’s recommendation.

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